12V Lead Acid Battery High Speed Digital Charger Fast charging with little heat


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The latest and advanced charger from Conqueror Technology offers the following advantages to your battery charging: - Makes use of the complete battery capacity. - Does not heat up the battery during charge. - Approximately 2 times higher number of charging cycles. - Much longer duration of battery life. - The highest charging efficiency possible. - Fully automatic microprocessor controlled. - Three step constant current charging. - Proprietary algorithm for end of charge. - Maintenance pulse charging after end of charge with battery stay connected. - Recovers deeply sulphated batteries.** - Desulphating pulses extend battery life. - Over temperature protection. - Output current limit protection. - Output voltage limit protection. - Reverse battery polarity protection and indication. - Prevent overcharge and undercharge. - Charger's input low voltage & overvoltage protection. - Able to charge 12V battery automatically with voltage as low as 2.4V - Able to charge 12V battery manually with voltage as low as 0V ** Depends on the condition of sulphation. This pulsing technology is based on a different charging algorithm that allows the electrochemical state of the battery to dictate the charging currents. This new approach to battery charging allows the battery to accept charging current at the maximum rate that the battery chemistry can safely permit. The charger generates little or no heat in the battery as its charging current is controlled by the battery electrolyte -- this means that the battery internal resistance is always kept at a minimum hence there is little or no heat generated.



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