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Wedding Car for Rent Volkswagen Phaeton 3.2 LWB for Wedding / Bridal Car Rental. Nice Number Plate. Interested Parties, please call / sms 9122 5252 Rate 1: 10 hours of service @ $588 (items 1 to 8) Rate 2: 6 hours of service @ $488 (items 1 to 6) Suggested itinerary: 1. Pick up at Groom's Place 2. Drive to Bride's Place 3. Fetch Groom and Bride to Groom's Family Home 4. Fetch Groom and Bride to Bride's Family Home 5. Fetch Groom and Bride for outdoor photo (optional). 6. Fetch Groom and Bride to Hotel/Drop-off Location 7. Fetch Groom and Bribe to Wedding Dinner Venue 8. Fetch Groom and Bribe back to Hotel/Drop-off Location. Terms and Conditions: 1. Price quoted is inclusive of Chauffeur, Petrol. 2. Price NOT inclusive of the flower deco. I will drive down before the actual day to have it done on the car. 3. Book early to avoid disappointment. Subject to availability. 4. Strictly for Groom, Bride use only. 5. 50% deposit upon booking confirmation and is non-refundable. 6. Full payment must be made 2 week prior to the actual wedding day. 7. Early Charges may apply if starting before 7am. 8. No Smoking is allowed in the car in all circumstances. 9. Itinerary of the actual need to be advised at least 2 days in advance for planning. 10. Attire will be Black Suit, White Shirt and Tie (unless specially requested)


jeremy 91225252


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