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Looking for a trainer to guide you in losing weight, building muscle, improving functional fitness, sports performance and more? HSFS provide coaching/personal training services by appointment basis. Choose your preferred time, date and location for training. I train/coach you for any of the following goals: -Fat loss/Weight loss -Physique sculpting for aesthetics -Building/maintaining fitness/performance around injuries -Basic aquatic locomotion motor-skills acquisition (Swimming and Freediving techniques) -Strength building to prevent osteoporosis and joint problems -Muscle building/Weight gain -Functional fitness -Strength and conditioning to improve specific performance for your sport/activity -Maximal strength training -Powerlifting -Strongman type lifting/Odd object lifting/Natural lifting -Getting started in Parkour (Strength and conditioning prior to starting Parkour, basic Parkour techniques) For more info, visit or contact 98450655


Call/SMS: 98450655 Website:


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