Yamaha U1silent Upright Piano on Sale$6800 1owner 98466379 Almost New


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yamaha piano U1 silent Used Almost new digital music instrument


Retail Price: $12,200 Purchased in September 2003. Maintained only by Yamaha SG. Maintenance conducted 3x annually from Yr1 to 3, and 2x annually from Yr4 to present.Maintenance records available.Delivers excellent resonant sounds with seasoned strings (2yrs). Excellent condition like NEW.No scratch and no cracks.It was used for only the 1st two yrs.Heater is activated 24/7.High resale value-besides being a product of the leading brand-Yamaha,its additional digital feature makes it a valued asset.Complete with 2 tailor-made covers,2 keys and an Owner's manual.The SILENT feature allows you to have freedom to enjoy the pleasure and entertainment of playing the piano at any time without causing a disturbance with the use of headsets.


Mrs Goh 9846-6379


Dover Mrt

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