Buying back of used printer cartridges & will be paying you back by cash, Please do call 9729 2562 & look for Dickson


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I am Dickson from Dots Technology & Trading. Our company's aim is to achieve the best quality in printing, We also have a 8 years of experience in dealing of Re-manufactured Items. About: One of the Re-manufactured Toner suppliers in Singapore. We look into our qualities in services in our customer, and also a high quality of our Print out. We're also keen to buy back your used empty printer's cartridges/ ink, and we'll be paying you back by cash for your cartridges. We're also supplying Orginal Cartridges, and as well as Re-manufactured Cartridges, We do provide free delivering, and also a printer service. If there is any faulty in my product, I do provide a 1 to 1 exchange of my item and also free printer services. What We Supply ? Paper ( Paper one, Double A, Canon Paper Etc ) Printer Ink ( Orginal ) Toner Cartridges ( Orginal & Re-manufactured Products ) Computer Form And related to office products. We're also keen to look for supplier to work with us, Such as; Dealer Supplier Exporter Vessels And related... Contact Detail: Hp : 9729 2562 ( Dickson ) Office: 6268 5823 ( Look for Dickson ) Email:


Dickson Mobile: 9729 2562


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