Suffer Back Pain? Hydro  Foot Spa @ $20 Per Session. Immediate Relief to Back Pain!  More info at


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Suffer Back Pain? Hydro Relaxation Aromatherapy SPA is liken to Natural Water Acupuncture Therapy that provides quick soothing relief to back and should apain. Need to Lose Weight or Get Rid of Cellulite? A 20 minutes Hydro Body Relaxation Aromatherapy SPA can tone up, burn calories & gives you the effect of jogging 3 km without putting on your running shoes! 4-in-1 Hydro Relaxation Aromatherapy SPA gives you Therapeutic, Exercise, Detox & Beauty Effect all in one SPA!


Janice mobile 8236 8756


Spa Centre is near Tai Seng mrt

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