Driving Recorder (Vehicle Black box), capture and record everything whenever you drive, provide you with strongest evidence against reckless drivers




driving recorder reckless accident insurance camera


It is truly unlucky to be involved in an accident. But you will be very lucky if you have this driving recorder. Everything is recorded. No more dispute! No more fraud claim against you! File your claim with strongest evidence! Drive with care and peace of mind from now on.  Monitor: 2.5’ LCD for real-time recording observation and playback  Lens: 140 degree wide-angle  Resolution: 1280x960 pixels (25frame/s), 720x480 pixels (28frame/s) or 640x480 pixels (30frame/s)  Memory: support 1-32GB SD/MMC card (not inclusive)  Loop recording: 2/5/15 minutes selectable per video file, automatically overwrite earliest file if memory is full  Record mode: video + audio, camera, or motion detection  Power: 1. Build-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, lasts for 2 hours if fully charged 2. Vehicle power outlet, charges build-in rechargeable battery automatically once connected  Smart power on/off: recorder turns on/off automatically when you start/stop engine if vehicle power outlet is connected  File output: USB or HDMI, Avi format  Easy installation  Date and time displayed on video/image  Best price: S$128  Contact: 96458649 / Please visit to view more models. Please watch the videos recorded by this recorder (640x480 pixels): 1. (morning) 2. (noon) 3. (evening)





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