Part time jobs available - Hourly rate $7-$9! WORK LOCATION: Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs etc. Contact Ian  @+65 9451 2680


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We are looking for Young, Energetic, Outgoing, and Hardworking & Articulate Individuals who are passionate about being in the Service Industry. Work during your Free Time to Gain exposure and learn Life-long skills & improve your work experience with us! It's a HOURLY paid job, flexible hours. Get to know more friends outside of school and at the same time earn the extra CASH! Hourly rates from $7 - $9. Wages payout within the next 48hrs. JOB FUNCTIONS: To Provide Excellent F&B Services (For Hospitality / F&B Events & Functions) GOOD TO HAVE: Presentable; charismatic personality; Attentive with good customer service attitude; Pleasant disposition & enthusiastic; Relevant experience in F&B is valuable. WORK LOCATION : Hotels, Convention Center, Restaurants, Country / Social Clubs etc. Requirement - Applicants MUST be above 16 years old. -For foreign student, MUST possess with valid student permits from a government institute. - Please bring along all identification(s) with photocopies for the interview. To contact “Ian” to arrange for interviews (Daily from 1pm - 8pm) Contact Number @+65 9451 2680 Or Email to


Stephen Kong


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