Problem with Lower Back Pain??? PHYSIOMED - First centre in Singapore for low back problems using German Technology 8523 7581 sms for appointments


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I am inviting everyone who has a recurring low back problem who has tried several modes of back treatment without success. Our centre, PHYSIOMED will be having our soft opening on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 for those who want to try something different. You will be one of the first to try this in Singapore so send an SMS to 8523 7581 for an appointment (Include your name) and we will call you back promptly. So what is PHYSIOMED all about? We specialize in low back pain treatment, strengthening and prevention. We use medically designed equipment, driven by technology, created by PROXOMED of Germany to assess your Range of Motion and Core Strength. This is the first centre here to showcase this equipment and service. We also have the latest core circuit training equipment which targets other parts of the body. Where is PHYSIOMED? We are located at Royal Brothers Building #13-02, 22 Malacca Street (Raffles Place). Do sms us for an appointment. Thank you.


Anthony Liu 8523 7581


Royal Brothers Building #13-02, 22 Malacca Street (Raffles Place)

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