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MiniDV video tape (Digital Video Cassette/DVC) is one of three common digital formats used in sound and picture recording. Using digital technology, MiniDV captures video and audio on high-density cassette tapes. This format is very popular, as it delivers sound and video that is decidedly sharp and high quality. The MiniDV format is one of the most commonly used formats for camcorders. Leading manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Sharp, Canon, and many others offer MiniDV camcorders. These camcorders deliver video that is much clearer than analog camcorders. They also offer stronger color reproduction. Furthermore, MiniDV camcorders are lightweight and compact, many featuring extras like MPEG and night recording. Convert your MiniDV tape (Digital Video Cassette) to high quality DVD-video and preserve your precious video, call +65 90660631 for services in Singapore now. Tangerine Associate Blk 197 Rivervale Drive Singapore 540197 (next to Rivervale Mall) Reg. No. 52840557L


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