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VHS (VCR) video tapes is most porpular uses in 80' to 90' in Singapore and other countries. Everyone uses VHS (VCR) video tapes to record TV programmes. Videographer stored wedding's video into VHS tapes to you after he finished video editing. But do you know? Each time a video tape is played, it's being rubbed by the VCR head. This nasty head is erasing the content of the tapes slowly but really. VHS (VCR) video tape has a short life span! Don't lose your memories! Your VHS video tapes to be converted to DVD, preserved precious video for your children or even grandchildren. Give them a possibility to see what a great time you had in many years ago. No matter your precious video tape is broken or moldy. Even your video tape is 30 years old. Let us convert your VHS tape to high quality DVD or Mp4, call 65-90660631 for services in Singapore now. Tangerine Associate Blk 197 Rivervale Drive Singapore 540197 (next to Rivervale Mall) Mobile: 90660631 Reg. no. 52840557L


Mobile: 90660631


Block 197 Rivervale Drive Singapore 540197. (next to Rivervale Mall)

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