contact me by mail or call 865) 936-9294 .you can coe for inspection between 2pm to 4pm




1000ft2 available oct 22 in unit street parking no private


It's single family house it's three level ,each level 1000 square feet, first level have 2 bed rooms , one large bath room plus kitchen big living room with furniture, bed room no furniture and separate entrance for apartiment, plus washer and dryer available in side apartment, one room for rent $575 plus $75 all basic bills for one person only , or $650 flat rent , non smoking, no pets , it's neat and clean , need good credit plus one month rent and one month deposit, visit between 2 pm to 6 pm to see apartment , to visite apartment call on ,,


richard burton 865 936-9294


Larkin dr and gentle wood La

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