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Cheapest Aircon service We offer aircon servicing @ only $20 for contract maintenance One Time service @ $25 per fan coil only. (Minimum 2) Chemical Overhaul @ $120. We do offer Aircon Repair Service also from $40. Installation, Replacement Set, Aircon Dismantle Welcome. Do engage in our repair service! Visit Us at One Stop Service from Aircon Service, Aircon Repair, Aircon installation. All our technicians have more than 10 years’ experience. Our affordable & transparency pricing helps us keep our relationship with our client closer and more client coming for our services. Our Rates for one-time service: General Service $25 (Minimum 2) Ceiling Cassette $35 (Minimum 2) Chemical Overhaul $120 We do have contract maintenance on yearly basis from $20 per Fan coil. Aircon Repair, Call us !!! * No Hidden Cost * No obligation * No GST Charges * No Transportation * Free Inspection / Checking ONLY Diagnose Fees $40 Like us at Call us at 97580081. Click on this link and for appointment booking


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