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1. Will i be able to rent a vehicle from AKA Car rental Singapore if i am under 21 years or a p plate driver Yes. AKA car rental provides car rental services for under 21 years old or p plate drivers with proper insurance coverage and registered MOTORCAR under LTA 2. What is the procedure in renting a car from AKA Car rental Singapore ? First visit our website -> pick a car model -> Contact us at 81880754 or any other handphone numbers on the web and tell us the car models and when is the date you need -> transfer a partial payment to our company bank account -> After the transaction message us your full name and nric -> You will receive a confirmation message from us -> there you go, you have reserve it. 3. What time is the collection of car? The collection of cars from AKA car rental usually is 6pm unless customer return earlier, we will inform you to collect it. :) 4. Where is the location to collect the car? 1 commonwealth lane #02-05 AKA CAR RENTAL we are located opposite commonwealth MRT beside a heritage school, Our building is call OneCommonwealth. We are located at level 2. 5. Do i have to place any deposit? No, you doesn’t need to place any deposit while renting with AKA Car rental. Only a partial payment have to be transfer for reservation. 6. Do i need to have any income proof? No, you doesn’t need to have any income proof. 7. What is the payment mode like? AKA car rental only accept Cash or bank transfer. VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO GET THE LATEST HARI RAYA PACKAGE OR OUR SHORT TERM RENTAL AT CALL US UP OR SMS US AT 81880754




1 commonwealth lane #02-05 singapore 149544

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