Chinese New Year SALES OFFERS! 22 January-7 February 2016. Limited pieces LEE ORIENT COLLECTION luxurious exquisite high quality art silk Belgian carpets from $12-$2,388. Email more info.


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Limited pieces of LEE ORIENT COLLECTION luxurious exquisite decorative high quality art silk Belgian carpets and carpet table runners available for Retail customers which create a classy opulent posh cosy relaxing ambience luxury lifestyle homes at affordable reasonable prices making luxury living in luxury homes possible for the elite affluent house-proud homeowners without having to spend a fortune to own several luxurious carpets. Limited stocks in designs, colours and sizes available for Retail customers as main business for export/supply/wholesale. Retail customers welcome, please re-check on stocks availability before placing orders and making payment by Cash/Paypal. Please email for sales offer prices. Thank you. Sizes available for Retail: 24cm x 40cm 35cm x 60cm 35cm x 80cm 35cm x100cm 140cmx200cm 160cmx230cm 200cmx200cm


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