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We are always looking out for passionate teachers who are able to commit and provide our students with a good learning environment to enhance their learning. Join us now as a team to help them improve in their studies! Home/ Private Tutors Needed: 1. Current School Teachers/ Lecturers (Part-Time Tutors) 2. Full Time/Part Time Tutors (Students/Working Adults/Previous School NIE Teachers) 3. Professional English Teachers (IELTS/TESOL) 4. Foreign Language Tutors (Native Speakers) 5. Music Tutors (All Instruments) 6. IT Professionals & Trainers 7. Sports Trainers (Swimming, Tennis, Dance, etc…) 8. Art Teachers (Drawing/Art & Craft) 9. Language Translators Hourly salary ranges from $10/hr to $150/hr depending on experience and qualification. Join us now by completing this registration form and be part of the team to help students improve in their studies! Nanyang Tuition (Singapore Education) Website: Email: Office: (65) 6787 9759 | Mobile: (65) 8298 7978| Skype: gratifyeducation 腾讯(QQ): 2192930341 | 微博 (Wei Bo): 5236252057 | 微信 (We chat): nanyanglearning Integrity | Excellence | Enthusiasm | Commitment | Sincerity



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