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Orange Detox is formulated with high fibre content which promotes gastrointestinal motility to aid in bowel movement. It helps purifies body toxins and cleanses colon by encouraging bowel movement and hence aid in accumulated and stubborn faeces removal. With healthier colon, Orange Detox is able to give a lighter, brighter and healthier you in one week time! With 12 hours Block Fat Technology, Orange Detox is able to block fat absorption for 12 hours long. Orange Detox contains encapsulated psyllium husk and guar gum which can slow release in our digestive tract. This natural laxative agent in Orange Detox acting like sponge that absorb oil from food and deposited fatty tissue, then transport it out from our body. Hence, it can effectively block fat before it being uptake into body. Orange Detox promotes healthier, clean and slim fit body within a short period. • 排清毒素 • 12小时挡住脂肪 • 改善肤质 活化和改善肤色 清除毒素 强化消化系统 效果不反弹 舒缓便秘 成分: 橙果粉、洋车前子壳、低聚果糖、瓜尔豆胶、山楂、芦荟提取物、小麦草提取物、柠檬粉和维生素C 喝法: 将产品溶于200ml的水。于每一天睡觉之前喝。


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