Part time Models, Actress, Actors Wanted. Now established 20 yrs. Pls send ur Name, Age, Nationality to 94872325, thanks.


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My Company is one of the most established in singapore.Now more famous. We are now looking for model, actor, talent, new faces, etc for different projects and commercial shooting such as tv drama, tv commercial, movies, magazines, billboard, poster, corporate video, newspaper and other modelling activities.All are Welcome. All Races, Faces, Ages, Weight, Height, etc. No experience necessary. The most important you must have the Burning desire to be a model, actor.* To those interested to apply to be a model or actress or actor, please send your Name, Age, Nationality and Gender to 94872325 (Irene). We will contact you as soon as possible.Thanks. (Interview close at 31/08/2014)



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