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Welcome to Singapore Car Sale, or in short, SGcarSale. If you have yet to know us, we are known as the "Expert In Singapore Used Cars" which was launch online since 2013. We are a team of car enthusiasts who just love cars. However, we found out that most people in Singapore are unable to find a reliable and genuine place to purchase used cars or also commonly called 2nd hand cars. We didn’t want others to face the same difficulties like them so we sat down and brainstorm a ultimate solution. We wanted to bring you quality yet affordable used cars. You will never have to worry about all the deals elsewhere as we have the best quality deals awaiting for you. Our client support are excellent, dedicated and striving to bring you the best. Most of our clients faces the challenges of getting 2nd hand cars in Singapore. Our mission is to equip everyone in Singapore with used cars they desired. We have received countless positive feedbacks and testimonials. Our vision is T.A.P. or Truth, Authenticity and Prove. With this vision, you can be assured by our genuineness. It is our commitment to bring you the most premium used cars at the most competitive price.




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