Singtech Power Bank which can be used as car jump starter. 120SGD tel: 6281 2001




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Do you often travel by car or you have a car, now its time to consider of Singtech car Jump Starter. Its not only the car jump starter, its a multifunctioanl POWER BANK. Do not worry about avoiding low battery. As you have SINGTECH CAR JUMP STARTER it will avoid you. Devices have gotten thinner, better and more power-efficient, but some stand out. We are bringing up the best gadgets of 2013, with a focus on long battery life and which is a multifunctional. Check it out now! Classic Design, Compact Size, Light Weight, Long Life, Good Quality Product, what else we are looking for ? Just look for Singtech Car Jump Starter at your next shopping. :) Just Continue reading to know about the features of the Singtech Car Jump Starter. Super capacity and super power battery. Support fast charging, low self-discharge, cycles up tp 10000 times. Jump starts 98% 12V petrol vehicles and charges various cell phones, ipad, laptop, PSP, mp3 and so on. Support 3-kind lighting modes (On, Flash and SOS). Multiple safety protection, designed to be zero defect. » Car emergency start » Start the car immediately even with flat batteries » Bright lighting 60 hours » Detonation flash 120 hours » SOS signal 180 hours » Full charge standard mobile phone up to 10 times » 1/20 size of the old jump starter » 3 to 5 years lifetime » Rechargeable, convenient (with home & car charge) Please call our office or check our website or visit our office. Thank You. We welcome enquirys! CALL US: +65 6281-2001 Website:, Office Address: Block 1, Defu Lane 10, # 01-569, Singapore 539182.



Block 1, Defu Lane 10,# 01-569, Singapore 539182

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