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Hardware upgrades have never come than a better time than this! As announced in Budget 2013, businesses that have invested in the qualifying activites under the PIC scheme can now go for the PIC Bonus. This is a move made to help businesses defray rising operating costs such as wages, rentals and also helps businesses to undertake improvements in productivity and innovation. The PIC Bonus is determined by the amount of expenditure businesses occur in the PIC- qualifying activities. Some important points of the PIC Bonus. - Company(ies) must have made qualifying claim for PIC expenditure. - incurred at least S$5,000.00 in PIC-qualifying expenditure during the YA. - There is a cap of S$15,000.00 for the PIC Bonus claim. With the initial PIC grant and now the PIC Bonus, there isn't any better time than now to get started on the qualifying activities. Contact us to learn more about the PIC Bonus. - Tel: 65-6356 9373 - Email: Visit our Website for the Best Deals of Computer Products Online!




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